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Architecture: Ranch Style Home

Ranch style home ~ Design Build Planners (2)A ranch style home is simple. It is like the old saying, there is more than meets the eyes when it comes to this type of home. A traditional ranch style home is only one story. After World War 2, ranch style homes met the need for the soldiers returning home and their families. These ranch style homes were constructed of metal, but that was only for a brief time when Lustron Homes was popular. Later on the material changed. There is also split-level ranch style homes. The first ranch style home was built in the 1920’s. Nine out of every ten homes built were ranch style homes by the 1950’s.

Ranch style home ~ Design Build Planners (3)Single level ranch style homes are good for starter homes, young home buyers, and elderly people. The ranch style homes are affordable whether they are single level or multi-level homes. You can find many types of ranch style homes throughout the United States. They are known as California Rambler, Western Ranch, and American Ranch. There was a decline of ranch style homes in the late 1960’s. They started becoming popular again in the late 1990’s. There’s also commercial versions of the ranch style home. You will see strip malls, supermarkets, and many more stores designed like a ranch style home. Not all ranch style homes are designed the same or have the same features. These homes are usually asymmetrical and have a low, long roof line

The floor plans are open and straightforward. You will find that the home has more open space than many other homes do since it doesn’t have many interior walls. The ranch style home is usually built from natural material, unlike many modern homes. Most of the home inside and out is constructed with brick and natural wood. Some people say the house isn’t stylish enough for them since the house itself isn’t very decorative. Some of them only have decorative shutters.

Most of the homes have a patio. A glass door usually opens to the patio of the house. Are you a person that isn’t into large windows? You might not like the fact that many ranch style homes have large windows throughout the house. A majority of the homes will contain a garage. The garage will be attached to one side of the house. The house is long and low to the ground.

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