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Architecture: Queen Ann Style Home


Queen Anne Style Home ~ Design Build PlannersThe Queen Ann Style began in Britain. It was made popular in the 1870’s by George Devey and Norman Shaw. They continued two decades into the twentieth century. Queen Anne Style homes are designed different depending on what part of the world you are in. Some of the older Queen Ann Style Homes had gargoyle statues which you see in many older horror movies. They have many shapes and sizes. They are all elaborate and very well decorated. A Queen Ann Style Home is asymmetrical. It has a steep roof with an irregular shape. The roof will look like a steeple which is a unique feature on most Queen Ann Homes. The roof is usually is usually constructed with slate or wood.This style home will usually be found in a historic section of town.


There are many features that are unique to this type of home. You will notice a gable that faces the front. It will contain a one story porch. The porch will extend across one side. Some of these homes have a porch that extends on two sides. A second story porch or balcony isn’t uncommon on a Queen Ann Style Home. The porch will have columns. The porch is where the main entrance to the home is. Most of them have towers. The towers will be round or square. The wall surfaces are textured with materials such as patterned masonry and decorative shingles. If they have a garden, it will usually be enclosed with a wooden fence. The garden with the wooden fence enclosure is mainly found at the older Queen Ann Style Home. Queen Ann Style architecture was first seen in America in 1878. The first place was in New York City. Queen Ann Style Homes can also be found in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. This style of home is from an unromantic era, but they have been called feminine and romantic by many people throughout the years. Queen Ann Style Homes are easy to spot in the United States. They are hard to define. There are four types of Queen Ann Style Homes. These types are spindled, free classic, patterned masonry, and half-timber.

Queen Ann Style Homes can also be deceptive. They can have a mixture of features that make them one of a kind. Queen Ann Style homes are expensive. They are also hard to maintain. Some of the older homes have been preserved. Others have been turned into apartments, office buildings, etc. Queen Ann Style Homes are some of the most expensive homes in the United States which is why they are hard to sell. The ones that have not been preserved are usually abandoned and not in good enough shape to live in. It cost more to keep one of these old homes than it does to have a traditional home built. People that have been left a home of this type by a family member that passed away are usually the ones that preserve the homes.


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