Protecting Yourself and Newborn in your Household

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Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Indiana will be sharing information on Protecting Yourself and Newborn in your Household.

Whether you’re pregnant or your toddler is just beginning to crawl, we are here to share a few tips for you and your baby.

Important vitamins:


Vitamins and minerals from foodCalcium may actually boost the ability to conceive. Receive this nutrient in broccoli (as well as the leaves), sesame seeds, and big leafy greens.


About 2 mg a day of manganese is important for smooth reproductive function. Carrots, nuts, whole grains, broccoli (and again, the leaves), bananas, and spinach are all good sources of manganese.

Tip from Becca: * Incorporating papayas and yams into you and your baby’s diet can assist in providing a nutrient boost.*

Always confirm changes in diet with your physician and pediatrician.


Check for choking hazards-

Child safety at homeThis may seem obvious, but some everyday items can be overlooked. Small items such as screws, silica packets, change (money), etc. can be quite dangerous if swallowed, let alone available for a babies reach.

Remove items with breakable or jagged pieces-

Vases, Lamps, your glass figurine collection you believe nobody knows of – anything breakable by a little one is dangerous to have out in the occupied area.

*Remember, don’t underestimate the power of babies. If you move fragile objects to higher ground, be sure to place them on stable surfaces that may not be knocked over.

Close those cabinets!

Be sure to store away clean agents, whether chemical or not. If it is not safe for an adult to consume it, then it most likely won’t be recommended for a newborn either.

Get down on the floor, or on your child’s level, to see unsafe items your child might find appealing.



Tip from Becca: *Move any toxic plants to another room or out of reach.*

Don’t forget to tell your kids, grandchildren , nieces and nephews about the Kids Oasis!

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