Professional Organizer for Remodeling Projects in New Jersey

We have all seen before and after photos displaying great remodeling transformations. Most people understand that there are many trades that are required to complete a renovation professionally. One task that is often overlooked is organization. Organization in a home renovation typically refers to the removal of personal items stored within the room or space and then putting back in a neat logical fashion for ongoing and daily use. This is often done by a homeowner, but for certain projects, situations, or families the client and contractor should consider consulting and hiring a Professional Organizer

Hope Eve Granier is a seasoned Professional Organizer and personal wardrobe consultant. She has over 20 years of Retail Merchandising and product organizing experience, working with companies such as MATTEL, FISHER PRICE, The GAP, CAROLE LITTLE, SEIKO, TIMEX, and BIC.Hope started her company, YOUR ORGANIZING SOLUTION, in 2002 and has organized hundreds of households, businesses / home-based businesses, and orchestrated moves/relocations.

Through Hope’s extensive organizational training and experience, she is able to provide and implement many ideas and solutions for eliminating the clutter and chaos around you, providing you with a more peaceful environment.

Hope Eve Granier is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).
Contact the Design Build Planners today to coordinate a consultation with Hope to discover the possibilities for YOUR home. As a bonus, Hope will offer homeowners referred by the Design Build Planners a professional trade discount!

Here are examples of kitchen and bathroom Design Build Planners projects where Hope has worked her magic!

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