Preparing and Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging your home for sale ~ Design Build Planners (1)You need a new home. Okay, not so much of a problem if you have a really good realtor, and chances are you  have already settled on a new home but there is still one problem: you have no idea how you will sell your current home. A good way to sell your home quickly is to stage your home, and here are some home staging secrets that you can use to help.

Secret #1: Make Personal Items Go Away

Staging your home for sale - Design Build PlannersOf course, you do not want to completely get rid of your personal items because once the staging is over, you will still live in your home until a buyer comes along. Instead, purchase storage bins, boxes, and containers to put away items like family photos, religious items, distracting decorations, pet items, children’s toys, etc. You want the potential buyers to be focused on the living space and not on the items that you have added to your home for your personal preference.

Secret #2: De-clutter and Clean Your Home

Staging your home for sale ~ Design Build Planners (3)Cleaning is definitely a need-to-do when you are preparing for a home staging. Even areas that you do not necessarily keep neat should be cleaned. Take a look inside of your bathroom. Is the counter top clean?  Is the toilet and bathtub spotless? Sweep and mop all floors that are free of carpet, and vacuum the floors that can be vacuumed. Make sure storage spaces, like closets and garages are clear of clutter. This could be a good time to utilize a storage unit because you will be moving anyways. Make sure the kitchen is spotless and only displaying items that will be left with the home, like the refrigerator, stove, etc. Freshen up the home with deodorizers and candles. Letting your buyer see a spotless home will make them think that you have taken good care of the home.

Step 3: Redecorate Rooms to Neutralize Them

Staging your home for sale ~ Design Build Planners (5)Chances are that you have decorated your home to suite your personal taste. However, staging your home will find you changing the interior decorating scheme of every room in your home. Paint your walls a neutral color and apply neutral colored decorations to match. Remove items like furniture covers and table clothes as well. In other words, make your home look as if you had just moved in and never made it your own space. Interior decorating also makes the home look more comfortable for any potential buyer.

Secret #4: Don’t Forget about the Outside

Exterior decorating and cleaning is just as important as interior decorating and cleaning. Make the outside of your home look attractive to buyers. That includes mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, cleaning windows, shutters, and gutters, clearing the yard of any debris, toys, pet items, etc., clearing out the driveway, and giving buyers a place to park their cars while they are viewing your home.

Every secret involves a bit of work and time to do. It is wise to not wait until the day before to start preparing for your home staging. If need be, ask for extra hands to help you prepare your home as well.

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