Preparing a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Preparing a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner - Design Build PlannersThanksgiving time is when we gather with family and friends to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. Giving thanks for many of us also means preparing and enjoying a feast. The kitchen turns into an erupting volcano of aromas, as Thanksgiving dinner is prepared.

If it is your turn to host dinner, then the tasks could be daunting as you plan your menu and settings to suite the occasion.

Here are some tips to help you host the ultimate celebration.

Food For Thought:

As the big day approaches, your thoughts probably weigh heavily on the meal menu and coordinating decorations.

Decorating a few days in advance will slowly help you to get in the Thanksgiving spirit.

What are your thoughts for decorating? How about greeting your guests with a bountiful harvest by placing a cornucopia of gourds, pumpkin and flowers at your entrance door.

Aside from the decorations and meal menu, some time should be devoted to catering to children if you are having a big gathering. Who will look after them while the adults share some bonding moment? How will you keep them busy and entertained? Will there be games? Or staggered favorite movies for them to enjoy together?

Hosting a dinner means that there also have to be entertainment to please the crowd and help them and you savor the time together.

Seating arrangement is a major part of the planning also. Putting some thoughts into arranging seating so that mingling and conversations are easy and relaxing before dinner is served is just as important as the sumptuous feast waiting to be served.

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