Preparing a Super Bowl Party in Your Home


Super Bowl Party FoodIt is important to consider some basic factors in preparing your home for a big Super Bowl party. The Super Bowl is essentially a holiday, so why not have a party for it like you would any other holiday? Below are a few tips so that you can make the party memorable for your guests.

The size of the space will determine the number of guests you can invite for the party. If you intend hosting the party in your living room, you should consider how many guests it can take. All of your planning is revolved around how many guests there will be.

Media rooms and home theaters - Design Build Planners (16)First, you must ensure you have enough chairs for your guests. If you do not have enough chairs, consider bringing chairs from other rooms in your house. You can either borrow from your neighbors or from a local chair rental. It is important you have the chairs properly arranged in such a way that all your guests have good view of the television. If you’ve been putting off buying a new television, this might be the time to splurge.

One potential idea? Have your guests wear tailgating attire, supporting their favorite teams. This will allow the party to have a nice variety of colors. Further, it will give the party a more “game day” like experience. This will help to ensure the party is casual and enjoyable for those of all ages.

Red, white and blue theme cupcakes with football toppers for SupFive to ten days ahead of the party is a good time to invite your guests. This is not the type of occasion where you’ll be having a sit down dinner, but as mentioned earlier, you need to have a strong estimate of how many guests to prepare for. Further, a Super Bowl party is similar to holiday and New Year’s parties in the facts that guests will likely have a couple choices of where to go. Inviting your guests ahead of time will give them plenty of time to respond to you and anyone else accordingly.

Preparing a Super Bowl Party in Your Home (2)-Design Build PlannersAnother thing to consider is your pets. Even if they are well behaved, make sure you have an area where you can put them for a few hours where they won’t cause trouble. For example, perhaps one of your guests has a pet allergy or brings a child that is afraid of dogs. It’s good to always be prepared.

Snacks and drinks are a prominent part of a Super Bowl party. It’s tough to go wrong with the classics in terms of snacks: chips, dip, and pretzels. In terms of something more filling, you’re best bet is appetizer foods. The primary focus will be on the game, so your guests will want food they can grab quickly and eat with their hands. Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and pizza are all solid choices. Also serve varieties of drink to accommodate some of your guests who do not drink alcohol and for the kids.

Preparing a Super Bowl Party in Your Home (1)-Design Build PlannersLast but not least, do not get so busy serving your guests that you do not have time to enjoy the game. You can ask one or two friends to help you with the service. Also consider doing some of the cooking and preparation a day before the party so that you will have enough time to be part of the party and to enjoy yourself too.


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