Power Washing Your Home’s Exterior

Power Washing Your Home’s Exterior

Power Washing Your Exterior (1)-Design Build PlannersImagine you are sitting on your front porch and you notice that although the inside of your home is sparkling clean, the outside of your home needs a bit of work. As a matter of fact, your home is in desperate need of a power wash and you need to clean the dirty situation handled before you guests arrive for the event-filled weekend. Here is some information you could use on power washing the outside of your home.

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

Power Washing Your Exterior (3)-Design Build PlannersWhether you need to clean your siding, roof, gutters, or vinyl, power washing is the most beneficial way of cleaning the outside of your home. Power washing gives you the ability to get rid of tough dirt stains, nasty mud streaks, and those annoying green pollen marks that do not add good color to your home. When you are done power washing your home, you will notice that the outside of your home is spotless and that it took very little effort to get it cleaned. Not only is the method the quickest and most convenient way to clean the outside of your home, it is also not very costly. Here are more benefits of power washing your home:

  • It helps to eliminate dangers from the outside of the home, like mold, mildew, algae, and dirt.
  • Regular power washes eliminates the need for outside home repair which can be costly.
  • Selling your home is easily done if you keep the home power washed.
  • Power washing your home can increase its value by up to $15,000.
  • Power washing siding, roof washing, gutter cleaning, and cleaning vinyl siding is much easier.

Be Mindful of the Dangers

Power washing your home’s exterior is very beneficial, convenient, and easy, but there are some dangerous factors that you must be mindful of before you start to clean.

  • This job may require that you use a ladder for roof washing and gutter cleaning. Remember to stand firmly on the ladder to prevent falling or any bodily injuries. If you are uncomfortable with using a ladder, please choose to not use one.
  • Keep in mind all of the electrical wires and cords that may be around your home. You want to keep your ladder clear of any wires and also you want to make sure that the water does not interfere with the wires.
  • Some types of pressure nozzles can cause damage to your home. Before you start power washing siding or cleaning vinyl siding, consult to find out which nozzle type is better for your home.

Power Washing Your Exterior (2)-Design Build PlannersCleaning the outside of your home is much easier and beneficial when you choose to power wash. Before you start, keep in mind all of the dangers associated with the task and be careful. No easy way of cleaning is worth an injury.



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