Pot Filler by the Stove for Your Kitchen

When the Design Build Planners initially discuss a design and build remodeling project with a homeowner the planned scope begins with three broad categories.

  • Got to have it
  • Really want it
  • Would like to consider it

Typically, the homeowners have done some of their own research prior to the initial consultation. This research may be from the internet, magazines, home and garden TV, or visiting other homes. Usually homeowners have their own initial “got to have it” and “really want it” list ready. As part of a Design Build Planners consultation, homeowners are shown other completed projects that have characteristics and similarities to what they are trying to achieve. Many of the items incorporated are pointed out and explained how they were a part of the project’s development process. These various items help fill the “would like to consider it” list.

Morris County NJ kitchen design build remodeling from the Design Build Planners (6)Regarding kitchen remodeling projects, pot fillers are an item that historically was on the consider it list and brought up by the Design Build Planners. Recently, homeowners are the ones asking about it and already have it on their got to have it or really want it lists. For those not familiar to pot fillers, it is a cold water faucet that is mounted on the backsplash at the stove or cooktop area to easily fill large pots. This is more convenient than filling at a sink and hauling the heavy water-filled pot over to the stove. The faucet typically has a jointed, pull out arm for a flat non-use look and extension and pivot ability to reach different areas of the stove.

Which list would a pot filler fall into for you? Gotta Have, Really Want, or Would Consider. Please share in the comments below.

Here are three examples of pot fillers used in kitchen design build remodeling projects.


3 thoughts on “Pot Filler by the Stove for Your Kitchen

  1. Neil Post author

    Yes, they are showing up on many “got to have it” lists recently

  2. Feinmann

    Love the idea of having a “would like to consider it list.” Case in point, a pot filler. Having one installed may add some flair to a kitchen and be really beneficial to a family who cooks at home a lot. However if the homeowners don’t use their kitchen all that often, it may be worth skipping over installing. Working with a design build firm, you can narrow down your design goals to get everything that you want and need.


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