Portico in Warren, New Jersey

After finishing a luxury basement and a gorgeous entry foyer project, these Warren, New Jersey had one more project on their checklist: a backyard portico. The finished basement project can be found here and the entry foyer project can be found here. Below are a couple of renderings and architectural documents as well as pictures from the portico project as it progresses. Follow along with the project's progress as photos will be added.   architect-document-for-a-portico-in-warren-nj-2   architect-document-for-a-portico-in-warren-nj-1   architect-document-for-a-portico-in-warren-nj-3 portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-13-2016-1   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-13-2016-2   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-13-2016-3 portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-13-2016-4   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-13-2016-5   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-13-2016-6 portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-1   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-2   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-3 portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-4   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-5   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-6 portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-7   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-8   portico-in-warren-nj-in-progress-9-28-2016-9     BACK TO GALLERY
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