Planning Phased Remodeling Projects

“Remodeling” is a very general and broad term. It can describe the replacement of a few windows to a room addition or whole-house renovation. Presently, the Design Build Planners have one project in progress that is less than $20,000 and another one that is over $1,000,000. There are many decisions that need to be considered up front by a homeowner before the remodeling work can begin. Among them is whether to tackle the entire wish list of projects as one large undertaking or divide and address smaller components one at a time.

Doing a larger home improvement projects in stages is often referred to as phased remodeling. The advantages to having the remodeling done in phases include a smaller financial outlay, the home is typically more livable during smaller construction, and the ability to see the big plan unfold and make new or different decisions between phases. Disadvantages include added overall expense, longer total time under construction, and possible re-working of already completed areas.

There is no doubt that phased remodeling, especially for design build remodeling projects, is popular today. Important for the homeowner to know and consider is the fact they should select their contractor wisely; believing that they will be performing all the phases for better, smoother transitions. Therefore the company should be seen as stable for the long term and workable regarding the family’s needs. Also, the remodeler should be experienced and knowledgeable enough to assist in the proper planning and guidance up front to ensure that the phases, and their sum result, makes good sense for the family and home.

2 thoughts on “Planning Phased Remodeling Projects

  1. Feinmann

    It’s often extremely difficult to function in a house as normal when construction projects are going on. It may be best to have everything done at once, but in other cases a phased project is better. It really depends on how quickly you want the work to be done and what your timeline is.

    1. Neil Post author

      Of the many factors, we find finances to be the driving force. We find many that want to achieve all at once on a limited budget and subsequently look for a cheap alternative. We advise that they are much better off doing in phases, properly, then recover/recoup financially in prep for next phase


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