Pizza Oven for Your NJ Kitchen

Forget delivery, take out, or a frozen pizza…How would you like to have a pizza oven in your kitchen?? For a recent, open and vaulted kitchen remodeling project, the Design Build Planners created designs for just that. The pizza oven was a chief request of the client. Both the husband and the wife loved to cook; and making pizza was a great way to bond with their two young children. From a design aspect, the pizza oven was able to add a little extra “pop” to an already gorgeous project.

Now, adding a pizza oven is far from a simple task. For starters, the oven weighs nearly 2,200 pounds; the design had to support the weight. The chimney had to be partially demolished and rebuilt to support the oven. Secondly, stone veneer was added around the oven as opposed to traditional vinyl.


Below, you can view the total transformation ranging from the existing area to design to in process construction to final product.




CAD (Computer Aided Design):


In Progress: