Physical and Mental Benefits of a Hot Tub

Physical and Mental Benefits of a Hot Tub

Health benefits of a hot tub - Design Build Planners (1)A hot tub is more than a fun way to socialize and relax. It can help to improve your physical and mental health. A variety of medical conditions can be eased or aided by regularly using a hot tub; just check with your doctor before using one, especially if you are pregnant, to ensure that it is suitable for you. It is also important to check that the hot tub is cleaned regularly, so that the hot tub’s effects on your health are all positive.

Arthritis is a painful condition and being immersed in warm water can alleviate the pain. Using a hot tub can also ease the stiffness caused by arthritis, because the combination of heat and the water supporting your joints can aid movement. This can enable arthritis sufferers to maintain a larger range of movement than they could without regularly using a hot tub.

Health benefits of a hot tub - Design Build PlannersOsteoporosis sufferers can also benefit from hot tub usage, as the buoyancy supporting your body weight allows you to safely undertake gentle exercise. Regularly exercising while immersed in water can help people with osteoporosis to build their strength and mobility while minimizing the risk of causing damage. The warm water in a hot tub allows you to achieve a greater range of motion while minimizing discomfort.

Hot tubs are also helpful for people with circulation problems, including diabetics, because the temperature of the water causes blood vessels to dilate (a process called vasodilation) and this allows your blood to flow more freely – especially to the extremities. Even if you don’t have a health condition which impacts your circulation, hot tubs improve your circulation and reduce the risk of heart and lung problems. Improved circulation also makes you feel invigorated, which is great for both your physical and mental health.

Health benefits of a hot tub ~ Design Build PlannersYou can use hot tubs to treat sports injuries – as long as you seek the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist, as the heat can make some injuries worse if a hot tub is used soon after the injury occurs. The warm water eases pain and allows a greater range of movement because your muscles and joints are supported by the buoyancy. Hot tubs can reduce recovery time, allowing you to rebuild your strength and mobility faster. The heat also reduces muscle spasms and the jets can be used to massage various parts of your body – just move the afflicted area in front of the jet. The closer you move to the jet, the deeper the massage effect will be.

Using the jets of a hot tub to massage your body is also great for relaxation. You can use hot tubs to reduce your stress levels and improve your mental health, whether you prefer to relax in solitude or invite family and friends to join you. The vasodilation effect mentioned above eases tension and you can increase the therapeutic benefits by adding a few drops of essential oil to the water – lavender is particularly good for relaxation.

Hot tubs can improve your mental and physical health, as well as providing a lot of fun. Hot tubs are a great feature for an outdoor living space.

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