Pets and Your Remodeling Design Consultation

Buddy the Project Manager for Design Build PlannersPets are a large part of many of Design Build Planners client’s families and a consideration for their project designs. Jason,  Andrew and Neil Parsons are very pet friendly! What we mean to say, as long as your pets are not dangerous, let your pets room as free as you normally do while Design Build Planners visits your home for the initial remodeling design consultation.

When designing the new or planned remodeled space pet accessories are always considered. Such items as pet beds, food bowls, food storage, and possible pet doors are discussed during the design and development process. You will also notice that Design Build Planners often includes computer images similar to the family cats and/or dogs throughout the remodeling project designs. While this is a cute feature, it is actually done to help understand size and spacing is the design option views.

Meet Neil’s dogs, Slugger (RIP) and Buddy.

Slugger and Buddy - Design Build Planners   Slugger and Buddy playing and competing   Buddy posing, Slugger feels exploited

Otis and Buddy:

Otis and Buddy listening to Design Build Planners   Otis wants to hear more about design build remodeling   Design Build Planners Andrew Parsons with Buddy

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