Pets and Your Remodeling Project

It is fairly common knowledge that a major home renovation project will have an impact on the family as well as the dwelling. Therefore, any professional remodeler should have a plan to accommodate and make the process as pleasant as reasonably possible. Remodelers and homeowners should always remember the pets, too! Most of us that have pets consider them “family” also. The project will undoubtedly affect their lifestyle and routine as well.

Slugger and Buddy

Here are a few things to consider regarding the pets. Do they have to stay closed in a room or a secured area so they don’t run away? Are they aggressive toward strangers that will be coming in and out of the house? How are they affected by loud noise and much commotion? Should they be boarded somewhere else for the project’s duration?

Hopefully your next remodeling project will turn out great and the experience will be pleasant for the entire family. Whether it is before or after the remodeling project, many  pets believe they are the king or queen of the castle!


Here are some photos from that illustrate some pets’ self-proclaimed royalty.

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