Pets and Remodeling Projects

Pets and Remodeling Projects-Design Build PlannersRemodeling a home has to include the best use of space for all the members of your family, including your pets! Here are some great ideas for pet-friendly spaces when remodeling your home that will keep you and your furry loved-ones happy.

Dog Beds

Keep your dog in close proximity, in comfort, yet out of your way and out from under your feet. Remove lower drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, dining

Pets and Remodeling Projects (1)-Design Build Planners

room, living room or bedroom and replace them with a cubby for your dog to sleep in. You can put your dog’s bed in this hole-in-the-wall, to save space and make a comfortable spot for your animal. Your dog will love it, because they will feel like they’re in a cave in the enclosed, safe space that’s all their own. This is an especially great idea for older dogs, who like to have low roofs over their head to feel comfortable. Another idea is creating a ledge next to one of your windowsills, low enough for your dog to jump up into his new bed. Then your dog will be off the floor and out of the way, and will be able to bask in the sunshine during his naps.

Dog Showers

Pets and Remodeling Projects (2)-Design Build PlannersMuddy paws every time they get home from the park? Sick of fighting with your dog while trying to get them upstairs into the tub? Invest in a ground shower, stationed right near the entrance of your home. This shower should be easy to step into for your dog, and will have a low-sitting showerhead that is easy to rinse your dog with. Never deal with a smelly wet dog running through your house again; you will always have the opportunity to wash your dog off easily the second they walk through the door.

Pet Food Stations

Pets and Remodeling Projects (3)-Design Build PlannersDedicate a section of your kitchen to the well being of your pet. Utilize a corner to create a built-in pet food station that is off the ground and out of the way. Never again deal with bowls sliding across the kitchen and water spilling across the floor; contain their food and water to a set, built-in spot against the counter on your kitchen floor. This station can be topped with large, slide-out drawers that contain all your pet’s foods and treats in one convenient spot. Keep your pet’s nutrition organized and out of your way.

Dog Doors

Pets and Remodeling Projects (4)-Design Build Planners

Design your dog doors to be original and creative, just like the rest of your home. Utilize cool designs like mini, real-looking front doors, dog doors that lead out of inconspicuous places like under drawers in the kitchen, and dog doors whose frames match the décor of the larger door they’re attached to and to the décor of the rest of the room.

Here is an example of a doggy door installed as part of a kitchen addition project in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Doggy door for NJ remodeling Design Build Planners   Doggy door for remodeling Design Build Planners

Get creative and have fun when remodeling your home, and always keep you and your pet’s needs in mind when designing your new pet friendly space!

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