Pet Doors from Freedom Pet Pass

Freedom Pass Pet Door (3)A pet door increases the quality of life for dogs and cats, letting them come and go as they please. The ability to go outside and come back in at will can reduce “accidents”, can increase in your pet’s exercise level, and it can reduce destructive boredom behaviors like chewing.

Freedom Pet Pass cat and dog doors give you those benefits without sacrificing the energy efficiency of your home like other pet doors do. The key is the DoubleMag™ 2-in-1 insulated flap system that gives a perfect seal around the entire flap to keep outside air from infiltrating your home.

Freedom Pet Pass pet doors give you independent, lab-verified energy-saving performance comparable to Energy Star windows and human doors.

Pet Door Chart

Because of this outstanding performance, Freedom Pet Pass cat and dog doors are the only pet doors that meet the stringent requirements of the California Title 24 building regulations.

Freedom Pet Pass pet doors are available for both dogs and cats. Door-mounted versions install easily in exterior doors, both those that are smooth and those with decorative panels. Wall-mounted versions of the pet doors come with optional nail flange and install and finish like a vinyl window.

Below are examples of Freedom Pass Pet Doors.

Freedom Pass Pet Door (1)   Freedom Pass Pet Door (2)   Freedom Pass Pet Door (3)



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