Pet Doors for Your Home

Pet Doors for Your Home

Dog door ~ Design Build Planners (3)Having a pet in your home is an amazing thing. If you have a fenced in yard, you might want to consider adding a doggy door or a pet door, for that matter. This would help them let themselves in and out without you being involved. Thus, it is advantageous to both you and your pet since they would be controlling themselves in and out the house while you continue with what you were doing. Pet doors are easy to install despite the fact that putting a hole in your door or wall might be intimidating at first. They are mostly accompanied by an easy-to-understand and a comprehensive step by step installation instructions.

The most common tools you might need for the installation process might include a screwdriver, electric drill, a masking tape, nails, a jig saw and most probably a tape measure. A pet door or a doggie door can also be installed in a wall rather than a door. Many pet doors are appropriate for wall installations hence they give your pet access to adjoining rooms to reach for food and other things.

Dog door ~ Design Build Planners (4)Some people might be wondering if really they can install pet doors in glass panels. Well, small pet doors can be installed in glass panels. This would require you to hire a glass glazier since cutting the glass could be a little challenging. To determine how high up you should install your pet door on your wall or door, you should make sure that you install the door so that the bottom of the door is at the same height as the bottom of your pet’s abdomen. You can determine this by measuring your pet’s stomach down to the floor when he or she is standing normally. For those home owners who uses the sliding door, stop worrying yourselves as there is also a special designed pet door for your sliding doors like the pet safe patio panel.

If you are disturbed about your pet door and energy then you might be worrying yourself for no reason as the pet doors are typically made with an energy efficient magnetic seals to keep the weather out. Another issue about the pet doors is the security problem and this makes many people to wonder if the pet doors lock. Well most pet doors usually do include a security panel that you can set or lock in place when you want the door to be locked. Other pet doors are electronic thus features the automatic locks which can be set to lock in either directions. Others might have an electronic key which can also be attached to your pet’s collar making it able to unlock the door whenever he or she approaches the door. Start using pet doors today and give yourself and your pet more freedom and live happily.

Here are inside and outside views of a dog door on a Design Build Planners remodeling project in Monmouth County, NJ.

Dog door ~ Design Build Planners (1)   Dog door ~ Design Build Planners (2)


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