Permat Tile Underlayment

Permat Tile Underlayment

Permat underlayment for tile - Design Build PlannersIt is inevitable for tiles to wear out. With all the pressure it has to handle from the steps of our daily lives, it is no wonder that the material strength reduces and flooring starts wearing out. Luckily, there is a way to solve all of this.

The Permat Tile Underlayment solution from Blanke brings innovation to your flooring. It offers labor saving benefits wasted on time consuming plastic roll systems, but it brings you all the benefits and more.

Permat tile underlayment - Design Build Planners (1)The Permat option serves to strengthen your flooring and prevent it from wearing out faster than usual. The tile’s reinforced mesh unit design adds more support to wooden floors thus decreasing vertical subfloor movement (deflection). In many cases Permat replaces the need for an extra plywood layer to reinforce a floor that will be tiled with stone.

It is because of this reason that Permat doesn’t increase the height of your flooring and you’ll be left with perfectly equal floors with just as much strength and resistibility. It’s 50% more compressed that regular sub-layers and this makes it seven times stronger than rolled uncoupling products.

Permat tile underlayment - Design Build Planners (2)Permat can be enjoyed commercially as well as in making your own home more comfortable and durable. Because of its stone installations it increases substrate support which in turn reduces deflection in the wood substrates. It has a large format tile and its thin set is latex modified, making it suitable for all tile sizes, including porcelain tile installations.

On a commercial level, Permat can meet any working condition. It’s equipped with crack isolation and uncoupling protection linking it up with its high compression strength and superior point load support. They are suitable for tiles under 2” by 2” and because of their light weight they are easier to install. They are designed for flooring having to support heavy traffic, thus they are perfect for any commercial outlet, from automobile showrooms to nursing homes.

Permat tile underlayment - Design Build Planners Blanke offers a 10 year guarantee on the Permat tile; that’s how confident they are about its abilities to combat everyday wear-and-tear. This warranty will be put in place against damage caused by excessive vertical subfloor movement (deflection), which is the only warranty of its kind.

Furthermore, Permat is also waterproof, making it a great way to retain your flooring even during heavy rain seasons. Most of the customers on Amazon are giving it five stars and it is obvious that this is the ant of the underlayment world: light, yet able to endure enormous amounts of weight.

Permat, a Blanke product, can be purchased at any of the 30+ Best Tile stores along the US east coast.


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