SONY DSCA pergola is an archway that is typically found in deck or garden areas. An example is pictured to the right. Adding a pergola to a yard can give your yard an enchanting sort of feel. If you are looking to add a pergola, an extremely attractive option is the Walpole Pergola Kit. This kit is offered in both standardized and customizable options.

You can read our full entry on pergolas here.

These kits are actually PVCs and possess the appearance of painting wood, without some of the downsides of wood such as peeling, rotting, or splitting. If you opt for a standardized set from Walpole, you will have 6 size, and 29 color options. All of which include fabric canopies. If you elect to go for the customized kit, you will have your choice on radius beams, special end cuts, custom columns, decorative panels, brackets, and fretwork.

Below are a few pictures of other exterior remodels.

exterior view (4)   exterior remodel by Pocono Home Exteriors-a Design Build Planners Preferred Remodeler   exterior remodeling from Total Renovations-a Design Build Planners Preferred Remodeler (1)

exterior remodel from All County Exteriors-a Design Build Planners Preferred Remodeler (1)   exterior remodel by MC Home Improvements-a Design Build Planners Preferred Remodeler (2)   Green Hardi Plank composite siding for an exterior remodel

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