Patio Remodeling

Patios can be built in nearly any shape, size, color or pattern you can imagine. Plus, new options in outdoor furniture, kitchens and other amenities can make a home’s outdoor spaces as inviting as its interior.Patio Remodeling (10)

Investing in your patio gives you the option of tailoring it to your dreams or improving the resale value of the home. According to PaveTech, using a 192 square foot example, the average concrete patio will cost around $700 using pavers and doing all of the work independently. When professional concrete contractors and excavators are used the overall cost of the project increases in substantially. Traditionally, a patio of 192 square feet will cost roughly $2,000 to $4,000.

Below are some pictures of patio remodels.

Patio Remodeling (1)   Patio Remodeling (2)   Patio Remodeling (3)

SONY DSC   Patio Remodeling (5)   Patio Remodeling (6)

Patio Remodeling (7)   Patio Remodeling (8)   SONY DSC

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