Painting Your Remodeling Project

Interior painting is one construction task that a large majority of homeowners are able do themselves. That doesn’t mean that they should, or even want to undertake the painting portion. The quality of the paint and painting can have a great impact on the overall appearance of the project. These considerations can create a dilemma. Since homeowners feel they can perform the painting, they typically do not value the cost from a professional painter like they do for the plumber, electrician, tiler installer…etc. Not only is there a pricing concern, homeowners tend to be very critical in their judgment of the quality of the painting. Because of this, many remodelers choose to not include painting as a part of their project and estimate.

The photo above is of a design build remodeling project in Georgia from AK Complete Home Renovations.

This now poses a new potential issue. The Design Build Planners will often warn offers to be leery of remodelers that choose not to offer paint as a part or at least an option for their projects. The finished wall painting can often display a lesser quality tape and spackling work on the wall board. This opens the door for the painter blaming the contractor and the contractor blaming the painter. The result is a headache for the homeowner to accompany a project that does not look as good as they envisioned.

The moral of the story: always give careful consideration to the interior painting portion of any remodeling project or addition regarding quality, pricing, and accountability. If you have questions about this or any other aspect of a project or a remodeling industry topic simply schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation with the Design Build Planners.



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