Painting an Accent Wall For Your NJ Home

Painting an Accent Wall ~ Design Build Planners (1)Want to add a little color to your room but don’t want to overwhelm the space with a bright color? An accent wall is a great way to go. Leaving the other walls a more neutral tone like beige or white and painting one wall with a complementary color is a great way to introduce some life into a room, without creating a space that is so overwhelming colorful it is impossible to decorate or even live in. Even if you know nothing about interior design, it’s easy to select the right color, pick your wall, and paint it.

What Kind of Accent Wall Do You Want?

Painting an Accent Wall ~ Design Build Planners (2)When it comes to accent walls, there are basically two different kinds. The first is a bold wall—a very bright color to accent otherwise very neutral walls. If you love bright colors, an accent wall is a great way to infuse those colors into your home, without your entire room turning into a gumball.

The second kind is a contrast wall. While this may still include a bright color, depending on the original color of your walls, this kind of accent wall is more about creating visual interest. If all of your walls are white, for example, adding a beige wall can create that visual interest, without taking you too far out of your color comfort zone.

How to Pick the Right Color

painting an accent wall - Design Build PlannersIf you choose Benjamin Moore paint, you will have a vast variety of colors to choose from. Picking from this array may seem daunting, but there are some easy ways to narrow down your search. First of all, eliminate any and all colors that you absolutely will not use. These may clash with the furniture already in the room, the paint color on the non-accent walls, or just be colors that you do not like.

Once you have eliminated these colors, start thinking about the color and style of your furniture. Are there some colors that just will not mesh, unless you change those pieces of furniture? Are there colors that will create a good contrast or a good complement to the interior design of your room?

If all else fails, go with an accent wall color that you love and the build the room’s design around that color—if you’re going to introduce a pop of color to a room, it should be one you really love.

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