Paint Finish Options for Your Walls

Paint Finish (1)-Design Build PlannersPainting is not as cut and dry as you may think. There are a lot of different components that go into it, and many of them are going to cause you to scratch your head. If you think that you can just buy a can of paint of your favorite color and just go for it, you’re sorely mistaken. There’s a bit more involved to this, and when you start to look at paint finishes, you’ll realize that your decision making process should take on a little bit more thought than just picking out your favorite shade of color. The following will help you explore a bit of the options that come alongside with paint finishes today.

The Flat Paint Finish Solution

Paint Finish (2)-Design Build PlannersAmong the many options that you can look into for paint, you’ll find that the flat option may in fact be a good choice. The flat paint finish solutions are perfect for a matte ending to rooms that need a durable color, and will not be taking a lot of abuse. A hallway, for instance, is a good place to utilize this option, and perhaps a half bathroom could also utilize something like this. It holds up well, and works well for areas that aren’t going to be taking on abuse.

Egg Shell Paint Finish Option

Paint Finish (3)-Design Build PlannersLook at an egg and look at how the light works off of it. It’s not too shiny, not necessarily matte, there’s a balance to it. This option is sturdy, holds up well to scrubbing if need be, and finishes with a nice subtle balance between the gloss and matte options that you may see abounding. For moderate traffic areas, this is a good solution that is quite versatile, depending on color of course.

Semi-Gloss Finishes

Paint Finish (4)-Design Build PlannersThe semi-gloss paint finish is best used for areas that you’re trimming and focusing on around different areas such as the kitchen. You’ll find that there is a shine here but one that isn’t going to overshadow the color you choose. You have to prepare surfaces for this very well, as it will not sit well if you don’t prepare things nicely. The finish is definitely one that makes accented pieces pop, and well worth investigating as a whole.

Gloss Paint Opportunities

Happy family painting wall in green.Gloss paint finishes are interesting in that they offer a nice shine with lighting, and give off a very dramatic finish when coupled with a variety of contemporary visual design elements. You’ll want to sand and prepare all areas before you work on this style. Often times used on furniture, this is one option that requires a lot of preparation beforehand, and it finishes with a dramatic lighting reflection that is definitely going to be interesting to consider overall.

Regardless of what color you pick, make sure that you spend a little time focusing on the finish that you want. As stated above, painting, any area in the home is not as cut and dry as buying a paint brush or roller and a can of paint. You’ll need to prepare, and then put down a first coat as well as a finish. It takes time, but the end result is well worthwhile.

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