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Home grown vegetables from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaWe all want fresh vegetables, Right? Of course. We all want to eat as many organic foods as we can, right? Of course. The problem is some of us either don’t have time, don’t know how or just don’t want to worry about maintaining a garden.

If you are one of the people that want to eat fresh vegetables you will probably like the idea of someone doing all the work for you and you just eat the food, right? Well, there is a place in Fort Wayne, Indiana that will do just that. They plant and maintain your raised bed home garden and you eat the vegetables that are produced. Just imagine, fresh from your own garden straight to your kitchen table!

Organic Gurlz Gardens in Fort Wayne Indiana will come to your home and build you a home garden. They maintain the garden as well. Many people are joining the trend of eating healthier. Organic foods are expensive if they are store bought. Having a home garden will save you money and it is even better if someone grows the food for you.

Fresh tomatoes from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaIt will give you a chance to eat healthier foods such as edible flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. It will give you theopportunity to learn as well. Organic Gurlz Gardens offers many things including training services and education services.

This is good for the kids as much as it is for the adults. If you have a child with a green thumb, they would love their own garden that won’t die out. Organic Gurlz Gardens will build a box in your yard and the kids will get to watch the foods grow. The rewards come while they are growing and after they have been picked. Your child will get to eat the fresh foods that were picked from their garden. Your child will be having fun doing something they want to do as well as eating healthy.

Why Organic Foods?

Organic Gurlz Garden Fort Wayne, IndianaYears of research have shed light to why you should eat organic foods. Organic foods are healthier for you as well as a lot cheaper if you grow the foods yourself. The foods you buy from your local grocery store have harmful pesticides sprayed on them and the soil is packed with fertilizer to make them grow at a faster pace. All the pesticides and fertilizers take away the reason you eat fruits and vegetables. It takes away the nutrients. They are still healthier for you than other foods, but they aren’t as healthy as organic foods.

The Organic Garden Gurlz of Fort Wayne IndianaNot only are some of the foods full of pesticides that the farmers put on them but some seeds are created to produce their own pesticides. Do you want pesticides being made inside of your body? Neither do I. After you eat these foods there is a possibility that the foods will continue creating pesticides. This fills your body with pesticides. These toxins will interfere your child’s growth. A child needs as many nutrients as possible for their body and brain to grow as it should. Organic foods are the only foods that can give them an adequate amount of nutrients.

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