Open Kitchen and Exterior Remodel in Warren, NJ

The Design Build Planners were referred to create designs for these first time homeowners. Having recently moved into their new home, the clients wanted expanded and modernized kitchen space along with a much needed exterior renovation. The DBP team created designs to suit the clients’ needs. Timeless Remodeling is building and managing the Warren, NJ remodeling project.

Below is a scope of the work:


  • Remove wall to dining room
  • Demo kitchen and DR to framing and sub floor
  • Open wall to living room with dropped header and center column (Allow for 6-8” wide beam)
  • Open 2 DR windows to 6’ SGD with new header
  • Tile flooring in new enlarged kitchen area approx. 305 sq ft
  • New L shaped kitchen with island (single tier)
  • Appliance hookup: 36” range (assume dual fuel) 36” refrigerator with water line) dishwasher, stainless hood, countertop microwave and beverage center
  • Close kitchen window and door
  • Move sink to back wall with new window/header
  • 65 sq feet of backsplash
  • Reroute baseboard as needed for new door and cabinetry
  • electric per plan
  • Paint kitchen, newly opened dining room wall to corners
  • New trim on doorway, door and window, base as needed


  • Add approx. 160 sq ft of deck framing
  • New decking on new and existing space (composite)
  • Remove old railing and install new composite posts and cable rail per plan
  • Add new stairs with landing per plan
  • Rain catcher systemin between joists
  • White vinyl beadboard soffit (approx. 300 ft)
  • 2 ceiling fans
  • Two 2nd floor spot lights
  • Power wash and paint concrete floor in patio area and walkway


  • Remove siding to the sheathing and install new owner supplied. Deeper color – see owner supplied info
  • Paint brick on front and chimneys to coordinate with siding
  • New white trim
  • New columns—wood top and base covered in composite material (new footings outside of existing steps)
  • Remove front gable and build new 12 pitch gable with wood truss gable per plan
  • Patch existing roof into new roof to match as close as possible
  • Add option for entire new roof


  • Standard 6’ white vinyl fence from two back corners of house (approx. 161 LF)
  • Double gate at driveway
  • Single gate on left side

Below are a couple of before pictures, and CAD done by Jason Parsons, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. Also…the outcome!


























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