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Open Floor Plan Concept CAD (4)-Design Build PlannersOne of the main requests Design Build Planners receives is to optimize space by creating open floor plan concept designs. This calls for interior wall removal, most commonly the wall separating a traditional kitchen and dining room. This creates a grandiose feel while being a more functional solution for many homeowners. Open floor plan concepts appear to be a major part of the “Now” and “Future” of the remodeling industry. However, an open floor plan in an existing home is not always the easiest thing to imagine. This is just one area where Design Build Planners CAD (computer aided design) proves to be extremely helpful. The CAD work allows for a “see it before you build it” game plan which many homeowners find extremely helpful. To the right is a CAD of an open floor plan concept.

Open floor plans are convenient for day to day living (multi-tasking) and entertaining (not being “closed off”). Listed below are a few major factors that are considered in an open floor plan concept:

  • Traffic Patterns
  • Appliance and Fixture Locations
  • Lighting Optimization

You can find a fantastic, completed kitchen remodeling project that encompasses the open floor plan concept here.

Below are three pictures of existing kitchen areas and then their corresponding CAD created by Jason Parsons of Design Build Planners to create an open floor plan concept.


Existing (1)   Existing (2)   Existing (3)


Open Floor Plan Concept CAD (1)-Design Build Planners   Open Floor Plan Concept CAD (2)-Design Build Planners   Open Floor Plan Concept CAD (3)-Design Build Planners


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