3 Things You Should Discuss With Your Ocean County Remodeling Contractor Before the Project Begins

Ocean County Remodeling ContractorsIf you know the Design Build Planners at all, you know that one the things we’re always harping on is doing your homework before you hire any type of home improvement contractor.  If you are looking to hire an Ocean County remodeling contractor or any other professional, it pays to spend the time up front and ask the right questions.  The time you spend up front will potentially save you dozens of hours and thousands of hours throughout the course of your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeling project.

3 Interview Questions for Each Remodeler

How Many People Will Be Working on My Project?

This is important because it will let you know approximately how long it will take to finish your project. If the contractor says anything less than three people, you can definitely expect it to take quite a long time to finish the project to the point that you’ll actually be able to use that area again. On the other hand, if they have too many people on the job, especially for a smaller remodeling project, that could definitely drive your costs way up.

Is There Anything I Can Be Doing to Prepare?

This accomplishes two things. The first is it helps you to prepare the area for work to be performed, so that things don’t get damaged. The other thing it can potentially do is help you to reduce costs. Look at it this way: everything you can do before they get there is time they don’t have to spend working and that you don’t have to pay them for. Usually you can do things like strip the walls and remove furnishings from the rooms they’ll be working on.

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Is There Anything Else You Suggest I Include In My Remodeling?

While this may prompt your contractor to upsell you on things, it may give you a couple of great ideas of things you really like, or simply get your brain working in a new direction. Just make sure to know when you’re looking at a sales pitch and when they are actually trying to add value for you – you may get a couple amazing ideas in the process.  The remodeling professionals in the Design Build Planners network act as trusted advisers to homeowners.  We are always helping to educate you on making smart decisions and our motivation is not more money in our pockets.

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