3 Things You Should Discuss With Your Ocean County Contractor Before the Project Begins

Ocean County Contractor -Bathroom RemodelingBy far the most important thing you can do to ensure you have a good experience when working with a remodeling professional in Ocean County, is to keep your communication going smoothly at all times. Once the level of communication starts to drop, that is exactly the time when things all start to fall apart, and a project which was once on track can go down the drain.

Instead of letting the communication drop off though, you can prevent any of that from happening by making sure to ask the right questions up front. We are going to be going over the top three questions you should ask your remodeler before the project begins.

Home Improvement Contractor Hiring Tips

Have You Ever Done a Project Like This Before?

This one is very important, because you want someone who has experience so you can be sure they can provide the quality of work you’re after. Don’t assume that just because they are a quality remodeling contractor that they automatically have the skills to help you out. Ask to see examples of past work they have performed that is similar to what you’re looking for, so you can see proof.

How Long Will It Take You To Complete My Project?

Surprisingly, many people forget to ask a question like this before beginning work, and then are stuck working on the contractor’s schedule. If you won’t be able to use the area they are remodeling while they are remodeling it, this can be extremely frustrating. Also find out the difference between the amount of work days it will take them to complete the project and the amount of work days and non-work days will be involved before the project is complete.

Is My Budget Realistic for What I Need?

Don’t be afraid to ask this question. Some people believe the contractor won’t want to work with them if their budget is too low. In reality, the contractor would much rather work with you to adjust your needs to your budget, so they are still able to work with you in the first place. You spending 75% of their estimate with them is still much preferable than you spending 0% of their estimate with them, so always make sure to ask this question.

Of course, there are many more questions you could be asking, but getting the answers to these questions upfront will make everything a whole lot easier.

Ocean County Contractor and Remodeling Professionals

Need Some Guidance?

When you work with Design Build Planners, one of the first steps we take during the initial remodeling estimate meeting is to go over what you are looking to have done and what financial means you have available to complete your project.  Then, based on your realistic budget, we will begin to outline some design ideas that suit you and your home.

Our clients have a lot of fun with this process.  Here’s what one of them recently had to say:

I love the finished basement designs that Neil and Jason gave us! They helped us to solve a couple of problems we were having with the space – bathroom plumbing under the stairs, too narrow a walkway at the bottom of the stairs, etc. The images really helped me to know how and what to order and gave me a better vision for the space. We are working hard to make the images a reality. They were definitely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I give them the highest recommendation!

Ocean County Contractor - Kitchen Remodeling

Experience Our Services

We specialize in home remodeling projects throughout New Jersey, including Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Mercer, and Union Counties, as well as the rest of the state and throughout the United States with our network of preferred remodelers.

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