What Goes Into a Great NJ Sunroom Design?

NJ Sunroom DesignLooking for some Sunroom Design ideas?  The sunroom can be one of the most fun rooms in your home to design.  It is also going to be one of your favorite rooms in the house to actually use, so it only makes sense that designing it should be a joy. Even if you feel you don’t have any design skills whatsoever, a little know-how can still go a long way to making sure what you get out of the whole process is in line with what you’re looking for.

Study the Sun

The first thing you’re going to absolutely want to think about, is where the sunlight best hits your house and at what time. Go out and look at your house at various points of the day when the sun is out and see where the sun is actually shining. Where the sun shines will be different at different points of the day, so it’s very important to think realistically about when you expect to enjoy the sunroom the most.

Sunroom Placement

Some people will want to use their sunroom for reading or relaxing after they have breakfast, which means they should put the sunroom on the east side of their house in order to catch the sun while it’s still on its ascent. Alternatively, others will want to enjoy the sunset from the comfort of their favorite chair everyday, so it would make much more sense to put their sunroom on the west side of their house, so they always get a good view of the sunset. They should also consider placing more windows on the roof of the sunroom, so they can catch the sunlight during midday when the sun is directly above them.

NJ Sunroom Design Idea

Sunroom Furniture

The type of furniture and furnishings you’ll choose for your sunroom addition is also very important, and it could be entirely different than the rest of your home. We recommend not putting a TV in the sunroom, as it kind of defeats the purpose of having a sunroom in the first place. Without a TV, you are much more free to do what you want, as the seating arrangements don’t need to be pointed at one single focal point in the room.

Also keep in mind, your sunroom could get quite hot. Even with all the windows closed, all that sunlight will definitely raise the temperature in your sunroom by at least a few degrees when compared to the rest of your house. Because of that, you should prepare to install some sort of ceiling fan or other cooling device in your sunroom. Or, you may want to install screen doors, so you can open the windows when it’s warm enough out and get some cross ventilation into the sunroom.

Colors to Include In Your Sunroom

Colors are also very important in a sunroom, because they will be getting hit with natural light all the time. The same furnishings and colors that look great in your living room under artificial light might not be the same as the ones that look good in your sunroom. If it all possible, try to view the furniture you plan on buying under direct sunlight before purchasing.

NJ Sunroom Design and Outdoor Living

NJ Sunroom Construction – Conclusion

The Design Build Planners have extensive experience in designing sunrooms for our valued clients in New Jersey and throughout the county.  We have a lot of fun doing it.  Remember, working with a NJ design build firm like Design Build Planners gives you the advantage of seeing your sunroom layout in 3D before the remodeling contractor even thinks about picking up the hammer.  This means that we can recreate your space, or create an entirely new space, according to your design aesthetic and your personal budget.

Design Build Planners Sunroom Additions – Local Areas We Serve

We service homeowners with custom sunroom designs in NJ throughout New Jersey, specifically Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, and Union County, NJ.  However, we often design sunrooms virtually for homeowners throughout the United States.

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