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House for sale to be remodeled - Design Build PlannersNew Jersey Realtors, many of the Design Build Planners project inquires are now from families looking to purchase a home and immediately remodel some or all of it. The earlier that we are involved with them, the better we can professionally advise and guide them as far as budgets and time lines. With that, we are planning to put together a team of realtors to network with throughout NJ in conjunction with DBP, our remodeler network and mortgage brokers. A combined purchase and renovation loan is based on the after improved value of the home. So, you can borrow and get a mortgage for the the will be and not the as is home.

If you are interested in being a part of this team please email me directly. nparsons@designbuildpros.com
Please understand that not all will be a good fit and we do not want several in the same area.

Here is an excellent blog that Jason wrote for homeowners in this scenario:

>>> Buying a Home with Intent to Remodel <<<

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