How Much Does a NJ Master Bedroom Addition Cost?

NJ Master Bedroom Additions - Master BathSometimes we get to a certain point in life when the bedroom we’ve been sleeping in for years just isn’t good enough or big enough for us anymore. There’s no shame in admitting that, you work hard and you deserve some of the finer things in life, like being able to sleep in a nice and spacious master bedroom suite. The problem is not that your current master bedroom is not luxurious enough – it’s often not large enough. When you need to make it larger, the only thing you can do is put a master bedroom addition onto your home.

So What’s Involved In a Bedroom Addition?

When people start considering a home addition, often one of the first questions has to do with price. They ask how much it will cost, without asking any other questions at all, making things extremely difficult to answer. In order to find out approximately how much a master bedroom addition will cost, you need to supply some more details about the size and level of luxury you’re looking for. Keep in mind that adding an addition onto your home for a master bedroom is going to be much more expensive than a typical remodel.

Of course, what you’re really here to find out is the prices, so we’re going to explain a couple different types of master bedrooms to help you figure out just how much you might expect to spend on a master bedroom addition.

NJ Master Bedroom Additions - Master Suite

Prices for Master Bedroom Design and Construction

If you were looking to add a 24 x 16 foot master bedroom over a crawlspace, you are probably going to want to include a walk-in closet too. The bathroom might include a whirlpool tub set in a ceramic tile platform, with a separate 3 x 4 foot ceramic tile shower. Add in double bowl vanity sinks with a solid surface countertops and your master bathroom will be looking pretty nice. Lay down some nice carpet for the bedroom floor, paint the walls, ceilings and add some trim. Of course wire everything up like the lights to be functional and romantic and you’re looking at a cost of around $110,000.

Now, let’s go really luxurious and say you’re looking for a 32 x 20 foot master bedroom suite also over a crawlspace. You’ll have a much more spacious sleeping area and might even be able to include one of those seriously large beds that’s even larger than a California King. Throw in a gas fireplace to really set the mood in the bedroom and make the walk-in closet one that’s truly fit for a queen. Your bathroom will be the stuff that you see in the movies with a dual shower system complete with stone walls and a custom frameless glass enclosure. Add in a luxurious Jacuzzi and the most expensive dual vanity sinks you can find. Add in all the bells and whistles that you might be able to think of and your end cost will be around $230,000. That’s the same amount as some people spend on their entire house in New Jersey, but you’ve earned this master bedroom, right?!

NJ Master Bedroom Additions - Bedroom Design

Things to Keep in Mind When Undergoing a Home Addition

When shopping around for master bedroom remodeling quotes, keep in mind that no two contractors are the same, even if their prices are similar. It’s always best to go with the the one who gives you the best gut feeling, not the one who simply offers you the best price. Trying to go too cheap up front can result in you paying a lot more later on when things start falling apart.

If you would like to see some more home remodeling estimates for New Jersey homes, have a look at our Estimated Remodeling Project Investment Costs Guide.

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