How Much Does a NJ Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

NJ Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimates and DesignsWhen it comes time for people to remodel your NJ kitchen, one of the most common questions around is how much it will cost. Of course people will always be concerned with price, so there’s no surprises there. What is surprising though, is that people often forget to include any details at all, besides the fact that they have a kitchen and want to know how much it will cost to remodel it. Without any more details than that, it is extremely hard for us to provide any meaningful answers at all.

A much better question for them to ask is, “I have a 200 square foot kitchen and I am just looking for a basic remodel, how much will that cost?” Now we’re getting somewhere. The main difference between the two questions is that one is extremely vague and the other is a bit more specific, allowing us to at least take a stab at how much it might cost you if you were to go ahead and remodel your kitchen.

NJ Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimates from Design Build Planners

Basic Kitchen Makeover

For example, let’s just say that your kitchen is about 200 square feet, and you’ll need 30 linear feet of semi-custom oak cabinets. You’ll also want laminate countertops, a double stainless steel sink and an energy efficient oven, to keep those electricity bills form climbing too high. Of course no modern kitchen would be complete without a dishwasher, garbage disposal and a whole bunch of lighting. Add in some ceramic tile floor, paint the walls and make everything look nice and pretty, and you’ll be out of there for around $45,000.

Upscale Kitchen Renovation Cost

Now, on the other hand, let’s take that same 200 square foot kitchen and get really luxurious with it. You still want 30 linear feet of cabinet, although this time you want those semi custom cabinets to be cherry. Replace the laminate countertops with stone or granite with a glass or tile backsplash to keep your walls from getting dirtied up every time you want to chop up something messy. You’ll want a state of the art oven, a nice refrigerator and high-end appliances across the board.  Make everything you can in this new kitchen of yours as fancy as possible, and you’ll be looking at a cost of just under $100,000. Sure, that might be way more than many people make in a year, and that’s why not everyone decides to remodel their kitchen in such a way.  But plenty of our NJ clients love a luxurious kitchen to use regularly for cooking, gathering, and entertaining.

NJ Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimates from DB Pros

Kitchen Overhaul Cost Considerations

The important thing to keep in mind here is that no two contractors are equal, and even two contractors who charge similar prices might not do similar work. Make sure to get a wide range of quotes on your kitchen and reject any that are too high or too low. Then talk with each individual NJ remodeling contractor to get a feel for which one you might actually want to work with. Ask to see samples of past kitchens they’ve remodeled, and choose one that has done an excellent job at remodeling the exact type of kitchen you’re looking for. If a contractor can’t produce any samples of their work, then there’s definitely something fishy and you shouldn’t consider working with them for even one second.

NJ Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimates - Design Build Planners

Kitchen Cost Idea Guide – Summing It Up

The Design Build Planners don’t leave anything to chance, especially remodeling costs.  We have decades of experiences with a wide variety of remodeling projects.  Plus, we have a defined remodel process that we follow each and every time.  The first step in that process is determining a realistic budget for your particular kitchen remodel.  From there, we can design up to three kitchens for you to choose from, based on your exact budget and what you would like in your ideal kitchen.

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