10 Benefits of NJ Design Build Contractors

NJ Design Build Contractors - Kitchen DesignWhen it comes time to build that dream home you’ve been fantasizing about for years, one of the biggest and most important decisions will be which design build contractor you will go with. To help ensure you don’t end up with the wrong type of builder or remodeling company, we have compiled this list of 10 benefits of working with a design build firm to help you decide what things to look for.

See It Before You Build It…

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 Benefits of NJ Remodeling Design Contractors

  1. A design build contractor will talk through all of your questions with you – Before beginning any work, you can rest assured that your design build pro will go over all of your questions and concerns to put your mind at ease. There are likely no questions they haven’t heard before, so don’t feel like you may be asking a stupid question and keep quiet – speak up!
  2. A good design build contractor seriously reduces stresses –  If you work with a team of freelancers or unqualified contractors, you can quickly run into troubles that all eventually need to be solved by you (and your wallet). Qualified remodeling professionals are used to dealing with these things and won’t make them your problem.
  3. A good contractor knows your area – This means they know the lay of the land, won’t turn up late and can likely even source materials locally if that’s important to you. They will also know more about soil conditions in your area which can greatly affect the foundation of your new home or addition.
  4. They can help you figure out how much you’ll be paying upfront – Just about any design build firm in NJ will be more than happy to give you an estimate of how much their work will end up costing you. This is huge if you are on any sort of budget, as you don’t want to run out of money halfway through the project.
  5. This isn’t their first pony show – Provided you’ve asked all the right questions before hiring, your design build company should have direct experience building or remodeling exactly the type of house you’re looking for. Experience in the style of home or remodeling project you’re looking for is worth its weight in gold in this industry.
  6. A good remodeler gets the job done fast – Your builder, no matter how nice of a guy he may be, doesn’t want to be on-site at your project for any longer than he needs to be. That doesn’t mean he’ll be rushing through things sloppily, but he will be making a concerted effort to get the job done in a timely manner and in an organized fashion.
  7. Done fast is good but done right is even better – A competent builder should have some sort of guarantee on their workmanship. This guarantee obviously won’t last forever, but it should keep you covered for the next couple years at least, meaning they have every incentive to do things right the first time around.
  8. Professional remodelers come with teams to make work flow smoothly – It’s very unlikely for a qualified remodeling contractor to show up at the job site alone, unless it’s for some final touch-up work.They will bring a team with them to help the work get done right and in a speedy manner.
  9. Most quality contractors are priced competitively – There are hundreds of great design and architecture firms out there, so they have to price their services so that people have a reason to work with them. While the economy is improving, some contractors are still slashing prices in order to gain new customers.
  10. Builders and remodelers are people too – They also need to put food on their family’s plates, meaning trying to work with a rag-tag crew is taking the money out of a hard-working businessman’s pockets. Support your local builders and remodeling professionals and they will appreciate you that much more for it.

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Design Build and Architects – The Bottom Line

Homeowners ask us all the time if they can General Contract (GC) their own project or even do everything themselves.  For some people, those are viable options.  Actually, that discussion is one of the first we have during our initial remodeling estimate and meeting.

What we have found throughout our decades of experience, and this will come as no surprise to most of you, is that the home remodeling process goes much more smoothly when you spend a little time up front to find the best professional home designer for you and your home.

Trying to do everything yourself and piece things together cheaply seldom works out.  When you bought your last car, you probably went to the dealer and purchased it, right?  Most likely, you didn’t order all of the parts and assemble your car in your garage, did you?  The same principle applies to home building and remodeling – it’s just worth hiring a professional.

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Contractor Services from Design Build Planners

The Design Build Planners have extensive experience and a network of professional remodeling contractors throughout New Jersey and the United States.

Feel free to get in touch with us to set up a meeting to determine whether a design build company is right for you.

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