NJ Custom Home Architect

Design Build Planners are residential project planners and designers who work with homeowners to transform the vision for their new home into reality.  In our model, custom new home design is the first step in the process, with the NJ architectural services coming next in the progression.

Custom Home Remodeling Project Designers in New Jersey

The project planning and discovery phase of our client engagement includes:

  • Lifestyle & Design Profile Consultation
  • Scope of Work Outline
  • Overview of Possible Design Solutions
  • Establishing a Realistic Budget and Financing Options
  • Providing Several Design and Layout Options, Including 3D Color
  • Outlining a Rough Project Timeline

Our goal with this initial phase is to gather as much information as possible and provide as much clarity as we can about the new home building process in New Jersey.  Taking a little time up front to organize everything makes the entire project move along more smoothly and successfully.

NJ Custom Home Architectural Firm

NJ Custom New Home Architect - Design Build PlannersAfter the initial Planning and Discovery stage, and once the homeowner has chosen a set of designs that he or she likes, we then move into producing a set of NJ house plans with one of our preferred residential architects.  For most projects throughout NJ, we work closely with Joseph Primiano of Primiano Architecture to transform your new home design into a set of home plans that can then be provided to a custom home builder in NJ to build your home.

Steps during the architecture phase include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Surveys and Permits
  • Zoning, Variance, and Site Plan Issues
  • Meetings and Communication with Planning Boards Where Necessary
  • Communication and Document Management with Municipalities

Because the Design Build Planners design your project before the NJ architect develops the plans, the architecture phase goes very smoothly.  Clients appreciate this streamlined approach to designing and building new homes throughout New Jersey.

We Help You Hire the NJ Best Custom Home Builder for Your Project

NJ Architect for Custom New Home BuildingOnce we have your set of house plans, we are ready to line up the best possible new home construction company for your home.  We have a network of Preferred Remodelers and Builders that we work closely with, and we are happy to recommend them.  You are also welcome to request bids from and hire your NJ home builder of choice.

The Design Build Planners will be with you through every step of your project to help you facilitate all of the moving parts associated with building a new custom home.  We understand that this is something you have likely never done before, so our mission is to make it as enjoyable as possible and save you time and money along the way.

Full Service NJ Design Build and Architectural Services

New Home Construction Architect in NJ - Design Build PlannersThe Design Build Planners provide new home construction design in NJ, and through our strategic alliances, provide custom home architecture and new home builders to transform your vision into reality.

We are located in Red Bank NJ and serve homeowners throughout New Jersey, including Somerset, Morris, Union, and Essex Counties in North Jersey, as well as Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties in Central Jersey.

We welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to get started on designing your new custom home, or just ask a few questions.

The Design Build Planners model provides a unique and integrated approach to custom home building in New Jersey.

Joseph Pamiano is a registered architect in the state of New Jersey, providing residential architecture services for custom home building and home remodeling projects.

Joseph Primiano
Primiano Architecture
License # 21AIO1765500

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