How Much Does NJ Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

NJ Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimates from Design Build Planners New JerseyAt some point, it will come time to remodel your bathroom. This might be because your old bathroom is getting old and dingy, or simply because you are looking for a change of pace. Whatever your reasons and motivation may be for remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important factors to the decision is the cost. As your bathroom probably still works just fine, most people are remodeling their bathroom because they want to, not because they need to, making the decision whether or not to spend a lot of money on it a whole lot more difficult.

Costs for Bathroom Remodeling Vary

We also fairly often get hit with questions like “how much will it cost to remodel my bathroom?” and we always have a hard time trying to answer such a vague question. Reason being, there simply isn’t enough detail provided in a question like that to be able to give a specific answer. A better question would be “I have a 7 x 9 foot bathroom and want to remodel it in a basic fashion, nothing fancy. How much will that cost me?” That is a far better question, as it actually provides some details that will help us to give a much more accurate answer.

Of course, that still doesn’t answer your questions about how much a bathroom remodeling should cost – you want to hear some numbers. We will try to break down a couple different types of bathrooms, one pretty basic and the other luxurious, so you can get an idea of how much each one will cost.

NJ Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimates from Design Build Planners

The Basic Bathroom Renovation Cost

Let’s say you have a 5 x 8 foot bathroom and just want to remodel it in a basic way. You want to add in a 30 x 60 inch fiberglass tub with ceramic tile surrounding it. Of course you don’t just want a tub, but a shower installed as well. The standard white toilet is good enough for you in this case but you would like to add in a decent looking sink with a built in medicine cabinet complete with lights. Tile the floor with something that looks nice and add in all the finishings like faucets and a ventilation system and you’re looking at around $18,000 for the whole job. Not too bad.

The Upscale Bathroom Cost

Now let’s take that same bathroom and make it a bit more luxurious. Add in a nicer tub with recessed ceiling lights and some much more decorative ceramic tiles throughout. Add in a much more luxurious shower with all sorts of settings and a toilet that includes a couple of extra bells and whistles. Use a granite countertop for around the sink area and add in a recessed medicine cabinet. Then enclose the shower with luxurious glass panes and add in luxurious furnishings and hardware all around. By the time you’re done with all that, you’ll have spent around $30,000.

NJ Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimates from Design Build Planners NJ

Tips When Considering Bathroom Makeover Costs

If you’re comparing the cost of remodeling the bathroom with the cost of remodeling other areas of your home, the cost of remodeling the bathroom is relatively inexpensive. That’s one of the reasons that many people pick the bathroom as the very first place they remodel, as the cost of doing so is rarely prohibitively high.

One very important thing to keep in mind though, is that no two contractors are equal, even if they are charging equal prices. Our best advice would be to reach out to many contractors and get quotes from all of them. Then reject all the ones with quotes that are either too high or too low, and work with the one who gives you the best gut feeling. Also remember, that while a low price sounds very attractive in the beginning, it will often lead to a whole lot of trouble down the road when things start to fall apart. You’re much better off spending a little more up front and not having to deal with all the headaches later on.

NJ Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimates from Design Build Planners Toms River NJ

Stop Guessing and Call Design Build Planners

The Design Build Planners will help you take the guesswork out of your next bathroom remodel or home remodeling project.  During our very first meeting, one of the first priorities is establishing a realistic budget, based on what you’d like for your new bathroom and the available funds that you have to spend.  Then, we design up to three different bathrooms in line with your budget.  Our delighted homeowners love the process and we’re sure you will as well!

NJ Bathroom Design and Makeover Pros – Areas We Serve

The Design Build Planners provide bathroom remodeling cost estimates and home remodeling solutions for homeowners throughout New Jersey as well as virtually throughout the United States.  Our unique design build process enables you to see your project before you build it.

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