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Today, I will be sharing information on “Why do plants need Nitrogen?”

Plants, just like human beings, require elements such as Nitrogen for their proper growth and biochemical functions. Without reaching the desired amount of nutrients, plants go into shock, have discolored leaves or no flower growth, which are the signs of nutrient loss.

Super Nitrogen for Plants ~ Organic Gurlz GardensWow, that sounds like Nitrogen is the Super-Hero for plants! One element that will never stop being green 🙂

Generally, in 100 pounds of store-bought fertilizer (which Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana does NOT use), you will find it contains 18 pounds of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is essential for the growth of leaves and stems and gives the plant a healthy green color. Without accurate nitrogen content in the plant, you will find it pale and sickly. But do remember that too much nitrogen is not good for the plant, as it might use all energy in greenery and bear no fruit or flower at all.

This really puts plants into perspective. Nitrogen is quite a helper indeed!

One vital role of nitrogen is to make amino acids, proteins and DNA for the healthy development of leaves, stems and shoot region. It is not possible for the plants to use atmospheric nitrogen, so they require certain bacteria to get the desired amount of nitrogen from soil and water.

Go Nitrogen! Thats an excellent Element at work!

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