DBP Announces New Location and National Expansion

Design Build Planners GREEN DBP copyDesign Build Planners is excited to announce our new office location in Red Bank, New Jersey.  After several years operating from our Toms River office, we want to be in a location more central to our core client base.  In addition to being an upgraded office space, the new location will allow us to serve our clients in a more timely and efficient manner, which is one of our core values.

Design Build Planners offers a unique, pre-construction project profile analysis, budget, design, and development process directly for homeowners. Projects of any size or type can be discussed, reviewed, and fully analyzed. This system provides all parties with vital information for the project early in the process, prior to the final decisions and the start of the renovation. The services provided by DBP help homeowners choose the right remodeler to build the best project, with great value and savings.

We work with homeowners, remodelers, manufacturers, suppliers, and other remodeling service providers throughout NJ and throughout the United States to deliver a better home remodeling experience to all parties involved.

Since the Design Build Planners are often on the road visiting clients and working throughout the state, meetings at our new office are by appointment only.

Homeowners looking to start the home remodeling or new home design process, or just ask a few questions, can schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with one of the DBPlanners by clicking below.

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Likewise, Remodelers can schedule a free phone consultation to discuss any aspects of the remodeling industry or to inquire about becoming a Design Build Planners Preferred Remodeler.  For remodelers looking to take their business to the next level in 2015 with our guidance and design process, we recommend scheduling a call. We have a few slots open for next year in our Preferred Remodeler program.

“We would recommend Neil and Jason Parsons to every contractor as they are valuable partners. Similarly, we always enjoy and appreciate partnering with Neil and Jason to deliver our clients their dream home. All of us at ProSkill Construction have the utmost trust and respect for the Design Build Planners team!” – Pro Skill Construction, Tewksbury NJ.

Because we specify materials, fixtures, and appliances in nearly all of our design-build projects, we are careful to recommend only the best to our clients.  We work hard every year to make sure we stay on top of the latest technologies and are educated about the best possible resources for our remodeling projects.

If you are a manufacturer, supplier, or other service provider in New Jersey, or anywhere in the US, and would like to request to be added to the Design Build Planners Preferred Vendor List, please contact us here.

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Design Build Planners is Expanding Nationally!

Design Build Planners USAThe Design Build Planners model has proven to be a successful business in New Jersey, as accounted in reviews from homeowners, remodelers, and colleagues.  To truly realize our vision of creating a better approach to new construction and home remodeling, we are currently working on a plan to create a national network – Design Build Planners USA!

If you are interested in becoming a part of Design Build Planners USA, we are currently seeking DBP Franchise Owners and Angel Investors.

Angel lenders will ultimately have the first opportunities to invest and partner in Design Build Planners USA.

Remodeling professionals best suited to become a licensed DBP owner outside of New Jersey will have:

  • Sales experience and a proven track record
  • General construction knowledge
  • Proficiency in designing projects with CAD software (Chief Architect suggested)
  • A desire to run their own business in the remodeling industry but do not want the physical and mental overhead of field construction and crews
Find Out If DESIGN BUILD PLANNERS Is Right For You click here

The Design Build Planners have thoroughly enjoyed our journey thus far, thank our supportive clients and colleagues, and look forward to our national expansion and the opportunity to work with outstanding homeowners and remodeling professionals throughout NJ and the US!

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