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Neoclassical Style Homes are part of history. Like many other designs, they come from another region of the world. The design comes from Ancient Rome and Greece. From 1895 to 1950 this style of home was popular in America. These homes have unique features as well as a touch of traditional. These elegant homes are mainly seen on the East Coast of the United States. Many of the older government buildings; such as the Virginia State Capital are in the Neoclassical Style.


The main feature you will recognize from these homes are the columns that support the porch. These are big columns and there area usually two on each porch. The homes usually have a big two-story porch.

The entire house is symmetrical including the windows and doors. The doors will also usually contain a design around them. However, some homes only have a design at the top.

Since this house is from another region and the design is from an ancient period, some of the homes will have features that are from other designs. These features can include Federal, Greek Revival, and Georgian. Antebellum and Beaux Art is neoclassical architecture. No matter if the homes have features from other styles they will always have windows equally balanced on each side of the entry door and they will be symmetrical.

The roof can hold many shapes. The original design for a Neoclassical Style Home is a domed roof. It will also generally contain a triangular pediment. However, some of the newer Neoclassical Style Homes carry a pitched roof in a triangular shape instead of a dome.

Neoclassical Style Homes of Today

This style can still be seen along the East Coast as well as the older public buildings. Many of them have been restored, but they still have neoclassical features. Some newer neoclassical homes are also being built. The newly developed ones have a modern twist. They are constructed with the central neoclassical features, but they have features that make it more comfortable to live in modern times.


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