Mud Rooms Offer Many Possible Uses

Today’s mud room may have more possible uses than any other room in the home. That is why it should not be overlooked or just casually considered when designing a new home or major first floor remodel. Over the past year, wish list requests from homeowners planning construction projects include mud rooms more than ever before.

Muddy boots for a mud roomA mud room creates a break or transition from the outside to the main part of the home. The name is a reference for a place to remove muddy (or wet) footwear. It is generally a side or rear door access as opposed to the front, main entry door and foyer. The mud room may be a self contained room with a passage door separating it from the next room. This will provide a weather break to the outside preventing a gust of wind or hot/cold air from affecting the other rooms. The mud room can just be a mud room area, without the interior door, done as an alcove, nook, or small hall access and transition space. Most commonly the mud room is off the kitchen, but can also lead to a common area such as family room or main hallway.

Larger mud rooms can double as a laundry room also. This makes sense since both rooms would be finished in a similar fashion. Mud rooms can provide great storage areas as well, serving as a pantry off the kitchen. Here are some other common options and uses to consider for your mud room:

  • Dog and cat eating in mud room
    Wall hooks and or cabinetry to store coats, clothing, and back packs
  • Shelf or hooks for keys
  • Bench seat and cubby holes for changing and storing footwear
  • Space for pet food storage and feeding
  • Cabinet for cleaning supplies, brooms, and mops
  • Can include a half bath powder room

Mud rooms typically have a tiled floor which makes for easier cleanup. Those expecting a never-ending, heavy-duty mess generated from farming, gardening and outdoor work may consider a floor drain system to handle extra wet cleanups. Wainscoting or bead board can offer a more durable surface at half or full wall height that is easier to clean and maintain than drywall.

Here are some mud room project photos and a few and computer aided designs (CAD) from the Design Build Planners.

Mud room remodeling project in Monmouth County New Jersey  Mud room remodeling projects in Monmouth County New Jersy (3)  Mud room remodeling projects in Monmouth County New Jersy (2)  mud room and laundry room combination

Mud room designs from the Design Build Planners (1)  Mud room area design from the Design Build Planners  Mud room designs from the Design Build Planners (2)  mudroom computer design from the Design Build Planners

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