Motion Detector Spot Lights

Motion Detector Spot Lights

motion detector spot lightSpot lights that have a motion sensor can be a valuable addition to your home security surveillance system. It can give you peace of mind to know that the motion sensors will detect any unusual movement and make the spot lights switch on instantaneously.

These motion detector spot lights can be installed almost anywhere you feel to make your home more secure. They can be installed outside your garage, around the perimeter of your lawn, the sidewalk, or anywhere in your yard or garden. You can be assured of a restful sleep at night after you have these installed.

Motion sensors detect infrared rays and are akin to electronic eyes. The infrared rays are heat waves that are emanated from every moving object. When a person, animal, or vehicle moves across the line of vision of the motion sensor, it switches on the spot lights. The amount of time the spot lights remain turned on will depend on how you have programmed it. This could be anywhere from one to 20 minutes. It will switch off when the movement stops and switch on again when it detects more movement. When it is daylight, the motion sensor is deactivated automatically by a photocell.

Motion sensors typically have a field of vision that can be up to 240 degrees and can detect movement up to even 70 feet. The one thing that can bother you and your neighbors after you install a motion sensor is the possibility of it going on even when there is no “threat”. If the lights go on with every passing leaf or stray cat, then you and your neighbors will have sleepless nights yet again! The solution for this is to buy motion detector spot lights that let you adjust the range and distance. It will be even better if it has a detector unit that is aimable.

Motion sensors with spot lights have the option of manual versus automatic settings. Manual settings mean you can have the lights switched on throughout the night, without setting off the motion sensors. You can turn on and turn off the switch at will. Automatic settings will only switch on the spot lights at night when it detects some motion.

While you can detect motion sensors with spot lights anywhere you wish, there are some places that will give you maximum security if installed there. These are your front door and back door walks as well as the driveway. Installing the lights in the driveway also gives you the added advantage of giving you sufficient lights when you drive home late at night. You should also install them near patios, swimming pools, and stairways. Installing them around any entry and exit points to your house is also a good idea. If your yard has any dark spots or blind spots, then a motion sensor would be a good idea there. Installing them around trees, bushes, and fence will also ensure maximum exposure.

Motion sensors with spot lights are an affordable and effective way to ensure your home remains safe and protected at all times.

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