Monroe NJ Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom remodeling project below was managed and built by RetroBath Makerover, a Design Build Planners Preferred Network Remodeler.

This is a tub to shower conversion completed in less than 2 days.
-Valencia Granite design
-Custom matching color Valencia shower base
-Santa Fe Listello trim at top
-Brushed nickel fixtures
-Handheld on slide bar
-Trackless semi-frameless shower door with factory applied glass protectant
Project completed in Monroe Township, NJ. The wetspace was completely gutted.
The plumbing below the shower base was upgraded along with a new temp controlled, pressure balanced valve in the side wall. Retrobath uses an exclusive adhesion system for a perfect custom fitted 3-piece wall system. It is fused with a proprietary antimicrobial sealant that has an exact color match.   Custom fitted solid matching color shower base.  All material is 100% non porous hi-tech acrylic with anti microbial. Fixtures in brushed nickel with matching grab bar and heavy duty corner seat.  – the end product being a groutless shower space that has the beauty of natural stone without the challenges of cleaning mold and mildew.  No grout, no mold, no mess.