5 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Monmouth County Remodeling Contractor

Design Build Planners - first step for a professional remodeling experienceHiring a remodeling contractor in Monmouth County NJ doesn’t have to be a huge headache, provided you know what you’re doing. Most people enter into the negotiations without understanding the proper techniques for an effective selection process, and as a result, wind up with a contractor who isn’t suitable for the job at hand.  We realize that remodeling your home is something you will probably only do once in your lifetime, so we’ve compiled these five tips to help you make the best possible decision for you, your family, and your home.

5 Simple Monmouth County Renovation Tips

Monmouth County Remodeling Contractor

Ask Questions, and then Ask More Questions
Any contractor worth their hammer and nails will understand you’ll have a lot of questions before you decide to work with them. They should also be more than open to answering all your questions to help you get a better understanding of how they work. If they begin to get annoyed with your questions before starting work, imagine what things will be like once the build has already started. Always choose a remodeling professional that’s willing to answer any question, no matter how big or small.

Get and Verify Good References
You wouldn’t buy a car without trying to find reviews of that same model, so why would you start a Monmouth County home improvemen project without getting references of the remodeler? Don’t just take their word for it though.  See if they can put you in touch with past clients – if they won’t then they might have something to hide.

Explain Your Needs in Detail
No remodeling contractor in Central Jersey can execute on things you don’t make clear to them from the beginning, so make sure to be clear on what you want. While most contractors can make suggestions to help you figure out what you want, don’t ever say things to your contractor like “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.” You’ll be stuck with whatever they think you might like.

Monmouth County Remodeling Contractor

Establish a Budget from the Start
While you don’t just want to say “I have x to spend”, because you can bet your quote will be that same figure, you want to get a budget squared away from the very beginning. This can keep you from owing a whole lot more than you planned on by the time the project is wrapping up.  During the first two stages of the Design Build Planners home remodeling process, we work with you to establish your budget and provide you with several options in your price range.  We will guide you with our suggestions, based on our past experience, but you will ultimately decide what suits you best.

Create a Plan for if You Go Over Budget
Many projects go past the planned budget and it’s not always the fault of the contractor, it’s just how things are. Create a plan from the beginning of how to track the budget and how to manage things if you’re looking like you’ll go over – contractors will be more willing to let you know that you’re having budget issues early on, if you make a point to tell them this is an issue for you. When you work with the Design Build Planners, one of the first steps in the initial remodeling meeting is establishing a working budget for your project, based on your needs, desires, and available resources.

Our clients definitely appreciate our budgeting exercise, which is one of the first things we do with every homeowner we meet with.

Jason and Neil – We are thrilled with our remodel – thank you. The kitchen and master bath are beautiful and look just like the computer design. The remodeler selected for us and the vendors were wonderful to work with. The budget was definitely helpful in planning. ~ SP Long Branch, NJ

Monmouth County Remodeling Contractor - Design Build Planners

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