Modular Home vs Stick Framed Home Construction

New Home Design Construction (1)Modular homes are homes made of several prefabricated elements (modules). These modules include – the facade, exterior walls, interior decorations, etc. They are usually constructed by using cranes. Stick framed homes are built using a building method in which workers assemble the skeleton of the home (from the floor and wall studs to roof) stick by stick. So, what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of home construction methods?

Modular Home Design Plan for your HomeLet’s start with moduar home construction. These homes look exactly the same way as traditional homes. Unlike on-site home construction, the process of their production takes place in controlled environment. What makes modular homes attractive is the fact that they are much cheaper than other home construction types. The reason for that is that these modules are built in series. This means that the manufacturers buy materials in bulk and get cheaper price. None of the materials are wasted because the manufacturers keep using them for the next module. Furthermore, modular home construction doesn’t depend on the weather. No matter if the weather is too hot, cold, if it is raining or snowing outside these homes can be constructed without delay, because the production takes place in factory-like environment. Thus, modular homes are a lot faster to build. In general, modular homes are built in a better way than any other type of homes. The whole production process is observed by experts and since the process of production of each module is the same they only need to take care of the materials that are used.

New Home Design Construction (2)Of course, you can’t expect that with stick framed homes where the construction quality depends on the knowledge of the construction workers, their attention and the quality of materials they buy (you can expect different result from different workers/construction companies). On top of that, modular homes are considered to be eco-friendly and they have better energy efficiency. These benefits make modular home building even more attractive.

New Home Design Construction (3)On the other hand, stick framed home construction is still the most popular method of construction in USA. People still use this technique because most of the construction companies have experience only in this type of construction and they don’t need to upgrade their knowledge or use other tools in order to build a home. Stick framed construction offers more creative freedom to architects and they can come up with practically limitless choices of architectural solutions for the home. This means that you can implement your own ideas when it comes to your new home design. Both architects and owners can suggest changes almost until the end of the process of construction which is impossible with modular home construction.

New Home Design Construction (4)As you can see both process have their pros and cons, but modular home construction is getting more and more popular every year and there is a good reason for that. Modular home construction is faster, and more cost affordable. However, if you want to be make many choices on your home construction, stick framed home construction could be the better option.

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