Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

Modern kitchen and living room in a big houseBeing faced with the decision to decorate one’s home, be it an apartment or a house, is a decision that will greatly affect your life for many years. There are so many popular looks at any given time, and so many styles that influence the overall design of rooms and homes that it can be hard to choose which suits you best.

For those people seeking clean lines, clean colors, balanced decor and artwork throughout the room and no frills, modern interior design is the way to go.


Defined by the geometry of a couch made of straight lines, or a room whose color palette is shades of white, and functionality in every aspect of the room, Modern Interior Design takes a minimalist approach to your decorating in order to make the most of the space you have.

Modern Interior design is seen regularly in so many designs sold at Ikea, and the minimalist approach is popular in small areas. Modern design can take a one bedroom apartment, and through clever and utilization of the area fit multiple beds, dining surfaces, drawers, writing/work area and much more. This is why modern interior design is at the forefront of the small house movement that is taking root throughout the design world currently. Modern Interior Design champions function over form and maintaining a small footprint.

Nevertheless, there is a lot that is aesthetically pleasing about modern interior design. It is without question one of the cleanest ways to decorate your home. Imagine if you will a room that contains bookshelves that are all neatly arranged. The books are not organized by author or alphabetical order, but by size and shades of colors. They sit on identically shaped book shelves that don’t stand out, but exist to serve a purpose. The bed is similar in shape to the couch, only slightly larger, and the couch itself only slightly larger than the chair. Picture frames are hung at precise intervals, all the same color, all the same shape, though once again sizes may vary. Drawers are placed strategically throughout the room so as to make storage not only ample, but convenient. One need not keep everything in one cabinet, or dresser, or desk, but may revel in the functionality of having an isolated drawer in a piece of furniture that may serve for storing a few carefully selected items.

The balance of modern interior design is what highlights its popularity. So when deciding how to decorate your space, consider your needs, and weigh your options and should you decide that clean lines, minimalist decorations, and functional furniture are what you need, then look no further than modern interior design.

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