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These homes like many other styles were mimicked by architectures. The first Mission style home in America was built in California. By the time, the 1800’s came the houses were moving East to the flat prairies. As they moved East, the houses began having some of the features added that you would see in prairie homes. These homes started in the 18th century during the Spanish Catholic Mission.


When these homes were first being, built material was hard to access. This is one reason the roof is made of a clay type material. It stands out compared to traditional homes since we mainly use shingles or metal for roofing.

Many of the traditional homes will have big windows to allow natural light to enter. The Mission style homes started in the deserts of California. People fought to get out of the sun in the deserts. The homes have small windows. People placed small windows in the homes to keep as much sunlight out of the home as possible.

Like many homes that were designed by the Spanish, the Mission Style Home has adobe walls. The walls then are usually covered with stucco. This is another feature that helped in the hot deserts. The materials repelled more heat than other materials.

Along the exterior of the house, you will notice arches being held up by pillars. These arches were to supply more shade. Most original Mission Style buildings will be equipped with the arches.

These homes are two story homes. They will have a balcony on the second story. This is a feature that Mission Style Homes have had since the birth of them.

Some of the Mission Style Homes of today will have slightly larger windows. The windows still have some characteristics of the first homes. They will have arches above the windows.

There are many arches throughout the Mission Style Home. The top of the windows and arches along the exterior. The doorway is an arch as well.

Mission Style Homes of Today

These homes can still be found throughout the United States. You will often see these homes through the hills of California. Some of them are restored while others were newly built.

There are many things you have to look for when you are purchasing and restoring authentic Mission Style Homes. The materials such as the paints have been known to cause illness since they are lead-based paints. Check the walls to be sure that lead-based paints were not used to paint the home. The foundation of the home should also be checked. Being that these are old homes the material, the foundation was constructed of could be weak. Check the foundation to be sure the foundation isn’t weak.

If you don’t want to buy an original Mission Style Home and restore it you can have one built new or by a newer one. The Mission Style Homes they are building today aren’t built using the same materials they used in the beginning. The materials are modern. The paints aren’t lead-based either.

These are great homes. People that own Mission Style Homes take pride in them. They love the comfort of living in a modern day home and still get a taste of the antique architecture.


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