Mirror Backsplash for Wet Bar or Kitchen

Mirrored backsplashes were extremely popular in the 1980s. However, as we know, styles run in cycles and this style is making a big comeback! Due to the fact that the mirror treatments have advanced significantly, a mirror backsplash can add a “light and bright” quality to a wet bar area or kitchen.

There are many different mirror styles. Here are a few of them below:

Traditional: Simple and elegant. A mirrored electrical outlet can be added to improve cohesiveness.

Framed: Adding an elegantly styled frame around the mirror works well in traditional kitchens.

Diagonal: A great way to add character to any kitchen

Smoked: Instead of using a traditional silver mirror, you can use a smoked glass mirror. This will add a dramatic effect and it pairs very well with darker cabinetry.

Mosaic: Using mirrored tiles that are 1×1 can create a dynamic effect

Below are some more pictures of mirrored backsplashes!








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