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DMS Demolition and Removal LogoDesign Build Planners  recently had the opportunity to interview Mike Riley of DMS Demolition & Removal LLC, a highly respected professional in the remodeling industry. DMS has worked with DBP before including a fire damaged home in Hazlet, New Jersey.

Q: What is your favorite home improvement show?

A: I enjoy watching The Vanilla Ice Project. I like their extreme make-over projects involving all aspects of construction & demolition. I like their “think outside the box” mentality to create customized living spaces.

Q: How has Superstorm Sandy affected your business?

DMS Demolition and Removal Work (1)A: Super Storm Sandy has affected our business and the whole construction & demolition industry. It has generated more work for DMS. The increase in work has flooded the market & ultimately driven down prices because of the huge competition. It has opened up new avenues for DMS. We are now installing helical & timber piles for homeowners near the coastline.

Q: Tell us something every homeowner should ask about home demolition but never thinks to.

A: Every homeowner should be aware of unforeseen problems that could occur during the demolition process. Some of these problems include tight access to neighboring properties and unknown underground items

Q: What are some differences between knocking down a house completely compared to a partial demo, like removing the roof and framing?

DMS Demolition and Removal Work (2)A: Knocking down a house completely means everything will be new and updated. A partial demo is a little more challenging trying to incorporate the old with the new construction. During demolition we may have to temporary support the remaining structure.

Q: Since Sandy, what town have you found the most difficult for your and/or a homeowner to deal with and which is the easiest?

A: Since Sandy, Ortley Beach is still the most difficult town to navigate.Many areas are still in need of debris clean-ups & demolition. Rain makes it even worse because of the flooding & ongoing drainage problems. We have found Brick to be the easiest town for accessibility.

BONUS QUESTION: What was your favorite movie this past year?

A: Wolf of Wall Street

DMS Demolition and Removal Work (3)DMS Demolition & Removal LLC provides junk removal, demolition, excavation, and structural foundation services to residential and commercial clients at the Jersey Shore. Their family owned and operated company is fully licensed and insured. DMS Demolition and Removal LLC is located in Oakhurst, NJ and have been providing professional and personalized services since 2002.

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