Midcentury Modern Style for Your Home

Midcentury Modern Style for Your Home

Mid Century Modern House DesignToday’s modern day homeowners are beginning to feel nostalgic for the beautiful architectural designs that the 1950s have to offer. They are now taking modern-day homes and propelling them back in time.
Many of the homebuyers in today’s market are looking for beautiful mid century homes and unique, modern gems. Simply put, the average homebuyer today is getting tired of our prefabricated, mass-produced society. They want something unique and original to show the world that they are interested in more than our overly simplified world has to offer.

Current buyers want unique designs in their home. They crave customization. However, the present day homeowner does not want to drastically move away from the modernization of today’s current style of home. One of the best ways to achieve these conflicting feelings is to opt for the midcentury modern style for your home.

Add a Midcentury Modern Style to Your Home with These Four Simple Solutions

  • Remodel Your Home – instead of sticking with your current style, think about remodeling your home and doing a full overhaul. The modern pieces at Maestrobath offer a wide range of midcentury modern styles that you can incorporate into your remodeling design.
  • Natural wood – The majority of the furnishings today consist of engineered wood. Instead of buying prefabricated furniture, consider buying furniture from the 1950s made of real wood. This furniture will transform your home. There are many more wonderful options available. You can choose from gorgeous rosewood, oak, walnut, or teak. The choices are endless and these beautiful wood furniture styles will look stunning in your newly remodeled Midcentury designed home.
  • Fix up your lighting – in an effort to imitate the Midcentury modern home, you can incorporate different lighting styles to add additional pizzazz. A functional option is to add unique pendant lights. These fixtures certainly make it easy to light up a home and look like sculptural art right in your living room!
  • NJ wet bar - Design Build Planners (2)Have you ever wanted your own personal bar? – Back in the 1950s, everybody had a bar in their home. This trend may have disappeared in modern times, but many homeowners are bringing it back in style. By having a built-in bar or a bar cart, it’s easy to mix drinks and entertain guests.

As you can clearly see, adding a midcentury style to your modern home is going to be a lot easier than you think. You may have numerous ideas that you can begin implementing immediately.



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