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Architecture: Mediterranean Style Homes


Mediterranean Style Home - Design Build PlannersMediterranean style homes originated in Mediterranean countries. They can be found in the United States where the climate is warm. Most people in the Mediterranean countries spend most of their time outdoors. The Mediterranean style homes in the United States are designed so you can enjoy the outdoors like they are in the Mediterranean countries. These homes are more popular in Florida and California than they are other places in the United States. These homes are elegant and are found in upper-class communities. While these homes are more accessible on the coast, you can also find them in Texas. They are the ideal home for the flat prairies.


Mediterranean style Homes have a clay type roof. The roof helps keep the house cool since they are found in warmer climates.

They have a low roofline. However, the roof is steeper than some other home designs. The roof usually goes up to a point at the top.

Most of the Mediterranean style homes have a courtyard. Some of the homes also have a balcony or patio. These make it suitable for outdoor activities.

The homes have high ceilings. There are usually big pillars from the floor to the ceiling. These pillars are generally located inside the doorway as you enter the house. Occasionally there will be pillars throughout the house.

The living area is generally large. It also has a door leading to the courtyard or other outdoor features that it is equipped with. This is the room the fireplace is located in as well.

The front door will have an arch you walk through before you get to the door. If there are other buildings that are not directly connected to the home, there will usually be an arch shaped walkway connected the two.

The windows on the first floor of the house are large. The largest windows are often overlooking the courtyard or other outdoor features of the home. The tops of the windows will be arched.

These houses usually have fantastic outdoor features that mimic the houses in the Mediterranean countries, but they have one feature that is unique. The house generally has an outdoor kitchen. They can also be equipped with an elegant grilling area.

Every aspect of these homes is beautiful. They are the perfect home for an island residence or anywhere along the coast. They are spacious inside and you have many features outdoors. Both inside and outside are great for family time.


These homes are some of the most elegant designed homes that you can have built. These houses originated in a coastal region. You can also find them more on the coast in the United States more than you can inland. These homes are usually in higher class communities. Some communities will have only these houses throughout it. Since the style came to the United States Mediterranean resorts have been built in Florida along with California. These resorts have a few houses designed like a Mediterranean style home.


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